Telehealth Myotherapy with Courtney from Pure Body Health

Yesss!!! Courtney is now practicing Myotherapy via Telehealth!!! *happy dance*

As you probably already know, Myotherapy is much more than just hands-on treatment. (Don’t get us wrong, we totally love hands-on treatment and the benefits!). But there is a lot else we offer in appointments too and we are now bringing these to Telehealth.

So what may a Telehealth Myotherapy consult involve?

It’s a video call between you and our Myotherapist Courtney

  • Listening to you discuss your injury/area of pain/restriction
  • Asking you questions so we can understand your complaint more
  • Visual assessment – looking at things like posture, movement, muscle tone
  • We’ll show you exercises to help improve your condition
  • Self-massage tips
  • Ergonomics (one of our fave topics!)
  • Other self-care tips
  • And provide you with the friendly coaching you are used to in the clinic 😊

What platform are you using for your Telehealth calls?

We are using PhysiApp. Which is a secure platform, designed specifically for health care.

What do you need for a Telehealth call to work?

Basically, you need internet connection and a device with a working webcam and microphone. This may be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. (Please note: we find the experience is better on a bigger screen eg. laptop)

We will email you a unique link just before your scheduled appointment time, so you can open PhysiApp in your web browser. (Be sure to check your junk email folder, just in case!)

Or alternatively, you can download PhysiApp from your app store, then enter in the unique access code (also emailed to you) and voilà you’ll be connected to us via PhysiApp.

At your appointment time, we’ll call you and the call will come in through PhysiApp.

Pretty sweet, hey?!

What do I wear?

One of the biggest conundrums in life, but a totally worthy question!

If you’re seeing us about something to do with your back or shoulder, we suggest a singlet. Or if it is in relation to your legs, we suggest wearing shorts. But ultimately, whatever you feel comfortable wearing will be totally fine.

How much does Telehealth Myotherapy cost?

*Update: from Sept 2020 we have reduced our Telehealth Myotherapy prices, whilst Victoria is in COVID restrictions. The current prices are as follows:

Up to 30 mins is $35 (incl GST)

Up to 15 mins is $20 (incl GST) – recommended for follow-up appointments only

We will email you a tax invoice after your appointment with our bank deposit details.

We will not bill you, if we feel Telehealth Myotherapy is not suitable for you.

Can I claim on Private Health Insurance?

At this stage, Telehealth Myotherapy can’t be claimed on Private Health. This may change in the future though, so it is best that you contact your Private Health provider to find out if/when it may be. The more demand there is from their customers, the increased likelihood they may include Telehealth Myotherapy in the future. *fingers crossed*

What do I bring?

Well other than your wonderful self, and your internet connected device (as mentioned above), that is all you need to bring. But if you do have any imaging reports or you’d like us to have a look at your desk setup for ideal ergonomics, please send us an email with documents/photos attached, prior to your appointment.

How do I book in?

Please book in via our online booking page here. Or call us on 0437760043.

Hopefully that has answered your questions about Telehealth Myotherapy. We are so stoked that we still get to help you during this crazy time. If you have any other questions or feedback, please send us an email via our Contact Us form here.

We look forward to seeing you 😊